Mushroom Beach Lembongan


Mushroom Bay Bungalows

Mushroom Beach Bungalows a Place For Relax at Nusa Lembongan

This gorgeous little bay, unofficialy named for the mushroom corals offshore, has a perfact crescent of white-sand. It's the destination of most of the day cruises to Lembongan, and the focus of Lembongan's upmarket tourist developments. During the day, the tranquillity may be disturbed by banana boat rides or paraseling. In the morning and the evening, it's delightful.
The most pleasant way from Jungutbatu is to walk long the trail that starts from the southern end of the main beach and follows the coastline for a kilomater or so, past a couple of little beaches. Alternatively, get a boat from Jungutbatu (or ask the captain of the boat from Sanur to drop you at Mushroom Bay before he goes on to Jungutbatu).
Mushroom Beach Bungalows is located in Nusa Lembongan, a small island between bali and nusa penida in badung strait. An extraordinary place located on the cliffs of mushroom bay about 7 meters above the white sandy beach, over looking sanghyang bay, with it's blue clear apphire water, mushroom neach bungalows offer amazing beach views and the majestic silloutte of mounth agung.
Exactly located on Mushroom Bay Beach, about 7 meters above the beach.

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